Catalogues, Leaflets & Business Stationery

Brochures and Leaflets

Digital printing offers the quality of conventional litho printing, without the constraints of having to order large quantities to offset the cost of origination. Each copy can be personalised if required and hence ideal for direct mail literature.

Use digital printing for short-runs of brochures, leaflets, flyers, books and catalogues.

We run our own corporate brochure in batches of 200 and make regular updates. The finish of digital print is so good that  no-one believes they are printed digitally! Also because they can be printed on a roll-fed web digital press, a 6-page A4 can still be cost-effective.

Business Stationery

Ideal for start up businesses or companies that need little stationery but a professional letterhead or business card for face to face meetings or exhibitions. From as little as 50 sets that can be produced from one colour through to full colour this medium is ideal and smal runs can be called off when needed.

Training, Technical, Catalogues and Manuals on demand

Digital printing is an ideal medium for producing short-run publications such as private imprint paperbacks, limited edition manuals, personalised training course books, bespoke price lists, conference handouts and the like.

Because digital printing does not use films or plates, but uses data direct from the computer to the press, there are no minimum run lengths in the printing process.

Furthermore, each page that is printed can be infinitely personalised by including variable data within the text.

This means for example that each candidate attending a training seminar could receive their own personalized manual as they arrive. Or, using a client database, every customer could have their own personal price list which reflects their discount allowances at the time of printing, and this could be updated as often as you liked.

You may even now have the opportunity to print that paperback book on your own subject you’ve been writing, and give one of the 20 copies to each of your family.

There is the technology – so you have the choice!

Books on Demand (BOD) has other business benefits besides a lower cost (for small runs):

  • Technical set-up is much quicker than for litho offset printing.
  • Large inventories of a book dont need to be held, thus reducing storage, handling costs, and inventory costs
  • There is little or no waste from unsold products.

These advantages reduce the risks dramatically when publishing a books or prints and can lead to increased choice for your customers.